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Start to love again

I rarely talk about my personal life. My friends know that inducing a pathological introvert like me to do so is like squeezing blood from a stone. Poor babies, I'm such a pain the ass difficult person to deal with.
I've met so many awful people I've lost count of all the times I asked myself "what's wrong with me?", so I curled up like a hedgehog. Being different can be an amazing value, but in these cases you end up feeling insecure, and wrong as I said.
Last night I had a lovely heart-to-heart conversation with a dear friend of mine.We bonded almost immediately since we started talking about a year ago. All the pain we went through made us stronger, and more mature than before. He is so inspiring, I admire him so much. He makes me want to be a better person.
Unfortunately we all bump into someone who makes us feel gross about ourselves, but there are great people out there as well. They don't judge our mistakes, don't put pressure on us, recognize our flaws as little things that make us special, they support us and what makes us happy, they love us, trust us, and take care of us.
We shouldn't let anyone tell us we're not enough, we areBitching about who makes or made us cry is easy when we are hurt, but loving and taking care of people who deserve our big heart is the biggest challenge, and personally my biggest joy. We can get out of toxic friendships or relationships. We can gain or gain back confidence. We can forgive our own mistakes. We can start to love again even if our heart hurts so bad.

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